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C l a u d i o  A l m a r z a


Claudio is a scientific journalist and documentary photographer, who maintains a firm commitment to the conservation and study of biodiversity. The development of his projects involves a serious environmental manifest (science & photography) which can be seen in his articles, investigations, photographs, and books. Also important are the environmental causes he participates in, which are conducted together with scientists in order to protect threatened species and geographical areas.

Covering different stories in America Latina, since countries in conflict to project for conservation of biodiversity, his work generates awareness regarding care for the environment and its essential connection to human beings. In 2003 he founded Geográfica, an organization for education and conservation of nature, and he’s a member of Vertical and Senda Darwin foundations, and IEB (Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity).

Claudio is a professional sponsored by UNESCO, Canon Ambassador for Chile and a freelance contributor for National Geographic.

"I’ve seen men and women set out to sea at night and early dawn, regardless of the season or the weather. I’ve known them to be thorough and fully committed to their craft, making fishing lines, nets, and traps. With unwavering effort, pushing their boats, navigating long hours and fighting for their sustenance amidst strong tides. 

Alone at sea, they never complained, and time was the only witness to their work".

-CLAUDIO ALMARZA, on assignment "Heirs of the Sea" book, February 2015.