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CHILE, Social Outbreak

After of weeks of protests, political confrontation, chaos, looting and non-stop vandalism have passed; the “social outbreak” in Chile continues day after day, moving away from a possible return to civil normality. Meanwhile, the government and the legislature have not found solutions to calm the spirits of a society tired of their political class and economic inequality. On the streets, the slogans accuse the government of not hearing them, since yesterday the government communicated about different bills such as anti-looting, anti-hooded rioters, anti-circulation obstruction, and a statute of protection for law enforcement and security among other; measures that do not point directly to social demands.

Today, thousands of people attended a new "mass manifestation" as a way to maintain pressure against the government. On the one hand there were costumes, chants, posters and banners to publicize the diverse citizen demands in a creative and peaceful way. In parallel spaces, between flares and covered faces, a strong confrontation between smoke from the barricades and tear gas, where the deterrent elements of the police were constant as well as the destruction. The majority of those faced with law enforcement were young people who, when interviewed, did not want to justify their actions and how these could also support the Chilean requests.